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The Fender Master Series Guitarsa little known secret!

The magazine ads shown here were in guitar magazines in 1984, introducing the revolutionary line of the Fender Master Series Guitars. If you play electric guitar, then you know the Fender brand. Leo Fender pioneered the first commercially mass-produced solid body electric guitar in 1950 with the Broadcaster. But this guitar was really the prototype for the Telecaster. After renaming the Broadcaster as the Telecaster in 1952, sales of this guitar boomed.

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Hi Friends.


I am beginning with my first blog by celebrating the incredible guitarist, Doug Raney. Today marks the one-year anniversary of his passing. Doug is the son of one of the greatest founders of bebop jazz guitar, Jimmy Raney. The thing his, not too many people know about Doug Raney. His agile technique rivals that of Pat Martino. Yet, Doug's phrasing is more rhythmically sophisticated. And his tone. His tone is of the gods. The ebullient, sweet milk-and-honey tone that all us jazz guitarists search for. Create A Notebook

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