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Hi friends, this is my dedication to Doug Raney


I am beginning with my first blog by celebrating the incredible guitarist, Doug Raney. Today marks the one-year anniversary of his passing. Doug is the son of one of the greatest founders of bebop jazz guitar, Jimmy Raney. The thing his, not too many people know about Doug Raney. His agile technique rivals that of Pat Martino. Yet, Doug's phrasing is more rhythmically sophisticated. And his tone. His tone is of the gods. The ebullient, sweet milk-and-honey tone that all us jazz guitarists search for.

So, that's it. Doug Raney died one year ago today, May 1, 2016. If you have not heard his records, I suggest you get them. Please buy them, and not rip them. Watch his incredible five-part series on YouTube, where he presents an educational, historical overview of jazz guitar. If you want to hear the hollowbody archtop guitar played as masterfully as can be done, then quickly get down to your local record store (ha) and check out Jimmy Raney and Doug Raney. I have been fortunate in my life to witness live some of the greatest players who are now gone. In the world of jazz guitar, this includes Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, Jim Hall, Charlie Byrd, Allan Holdsworth, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Larry Coryell, Emily Remler, and many others.

I never got to hear Doug live though. He is an unparalleled master. Doug's brother, Jon, also the son of Jimmy Raney, is a luminary jazz pianist and educator, and he maintains a site dedicated to the Raney Legacy. Please visit for a wealth of information about this historic musical family. You can find my transcription of Doug Raney's solo on the beautiful standard "I'm Old Fashioned". I am preparing to do another quality Doug Raney transcription, for the world. It will probably take about two months.

Doug Raney

You gotta hear the trio records he played with Chet Baker and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, on the European SteepleChase label. These are emeralds.


Peace and love,
Tim Quinn