Tim Quinn is the author of four instructional guitar books with Mel Bay Publications, Inc. that cover nearly all aspects of guitar playing, including lead rock guitar, fluid soloing, chord-lead soloing, and fluid string-skipping and wide interval soloing.

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Fluid Arpeggios for Lead Rock Guitar

An Instructional Guitar Book for Aspiring Shredders

A modern arpeggio handbook and comprehensive training manual for developing fast, flowing arpeggio runs that connect the entire fretboard. Emphasis is on developing fluid, non-shifting arpeggio patterns (across the neck) using hammer-ons and pull-offs for speed and fluidity; and also on developing smooth position-shifting arpeggios (along the length of the neck) using slides.

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Fluid Pentatonics for Guitar

An Instructional Guitar Book Including 84 Melodic Studies for Rock Guitar

Book 2 in this series is a comprehensive manual for developing blistering pentatonic motion that moves freely over the entire fretboard, using position-shifting slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs for speed and fluidity. Emphasis is on overcoming the restrictive nature of traditional pentatonic "box" scale fingerings by developing pathways that continually shift between and connect the five pentatonic boxes.

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Fluid Chord-Lead Soloing for Guitar

The 3rd Instructional Guitar Book in the Fluid Soloing Series

Book 3 in the series is a complete method for developing fluid double-stop chord melody. This style of playing can be heard most notably in the playing of Jimi Hendrix (in songs such as The Wind Cries Mary, Little Wing, and Castles Made of Sand), as well in the music of the guitarists he influenced, including Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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An Instructional Guitar Book on String Skipping & Wide Interval Soloing

212 Melodic Studies and Patterns for Guitar

Book 4 is a much-needed guitarist's guide to mastering wide interval soloing. This collection of repeating, continuous motion studies shows the guitarist how to develop melodic patterns that are characterized by large intervallic jumps in pitch, from one note to the next, in constant succession.

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