zoom guitar lessons with Tim Quinn

Simply the best Zoom guitar lessons you will find anywhere!

I have been teaching live one-on-one lessons in my studios for 32 years. In addition, I have been teaching remote, live Zoom lessons for 8 years before the pandemic, perfecting my skills as an online personal guitar trainer/coach/mentor/professor.

I offer the finest live Zoom guitar lessons available on the planet. If you have been around San Diego for awhile, you may have heard of me, as I am known for my skills as a multi-styled player and as a master teacher. I play and teach all styles.

During the COVID 19 pandemic since 2020, I moved to teaching lessons online. I had no idea how this format would turn out to be the most successful, effective teaching of my 32 year teaching career! There are SO MANY BENEFITS to teaching this way (in my VERY SKILLED hands). I am an expert online teacher. First and foremost, I really care about my role as your teacher, and I feel a deep responsibility as your mentor. I put in a lot of time on the lesson follow-up, lesson summary, and providing you with all supplementary materials with each lesson.


Please contact me for full details and description of how I do Zoom guitar lessons, and why my online lessons will give you an experience that is artful, significant, meaningful, and effective. I consider online teaching an art unto itself, and I am very experienced and fully equipped at this art. You get extra attention when you are my Zoom student.

I will be your personal guitar mentor. Bringing my teaching into the realm of online-only lessons (for now) has greatly accelerated my teaching world.

Each zoom guitar lesson comes with a full video recording of the lesson, and I also provide any supplemental video or audio files to support your studies. I follow up each lesson with a detailed written lesson summary, I come to each lesson fully prepared for your personal guitar studies, and I follow each lesson with a detailed written summary of our lesson. This is working out so well. You might wonder about the effectiveness of learning this way, and rightly so. But I can tell you, it works REALLY WELL, in my hands, as a master teacher and player. I believe my private, online lessons are even more effective than in person lessons. There are many reasons why I can say this, but you will only know when you try a lesson with me.

You can get started with Zoom guitar lessons here.