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I have been a full-time guitarist and private teacher for over 30 years, assisting literally thousands of students to become the best guitarists they can be. I have played over 2900 professional gigs in all styles of music in nightclubs, casinos, touring bands, studio recording gigs, restaurants, concerts, festivals, resort hotels, weddings, corporate functions and more!

After performing so many gigs over the past 30+ years (I began working the Colorado nightclub circuit as a professional when I was 16), I am now currently focused on teaching the guitar. I am dedicated to your success, and I strive to provide a guitar-learning experience that is superior in every way. That ability comes only from an extensive performance history, years of personal study and achievement on the guitar (my fundamental pursuit in life which continues each day), and years of highly focused teaching experience.

When looking for a teacher, shop around. Credentials really do matter.


When we first meet, we will discuss your goals. Then, I will carefully lay out a methodical, multi-faceted, step-by-step, customized program of guitar instruction designed to assist you in accomplishing those goals. I can help you advance your skills quickly with state-of-the-art guitar lessons tailored specifically to your needs and desires.

Many of my former students have happily achieved their own personal level of success on the guitar, as a result of my guidance combined with their own dedication and practice. Many of my former students have gone on to become professional guitarists and guitar teachers (many other currently active guitar teachers here in San Diego are my former students; I last counted nine of them teaching San Diego guitar lessons, as of January, 2018).

Why not go right to the source? Success is always a result of a mutual commitment between the student and the teacher. Together, we can achieve your goals. Absolutely.

What to Look For in a Guitar Teacher

  1. Extensive professional teaching experience
  2. Extensive professional performance experience (see Bio)
  3. College degree in music performance (see Bio). This means that your teacher has earned a degree in being able to play the guitar well.
  4. Accomplishments that back up their credentials (see Bio)
  5. Full utilization of digital technology for the most effective learning and the most effective guitar lessons. Let me show you what state-of-the-art guitar lessons ARE!
  6. Ability to clearly describe in detail their teaching methods and materials
  7. Be selective. The cheapest teacher is usually not the most successful or skilled teacher. Study with a true professional.
  8. Has strong communication skills
  9. Appeals to you both as a person as well as mentor
  10. Works independently of an umbrella internet-based "music school" (which is usually just a commission-based student recruiting service, not a school! Most established teachers avoid these!)
  11. Operates out of their own studio. A guitar teacher who only offers guitar lessons out of YOUR home cannot provide the rich library of teaching materials, reference recordings, and digital/electronic resources that are part of a professional studio, such as mine.
  12. Air-conditioned studio, equipped with guitars, amps, recording gear

Expertise geared for your success!

Allow me to be the guide for the next leg of your guitar journey. Professional, organized, highly experienced as a guitar teacher and as a performer, author of guitar books, insightful, knowledgeable, well educated, state-of-the-art, comfortable, and fun; that's the Quinn Guitar experience!

I offer a very comfortable learning environment in my professional home studio, where you get the highest level of guitar instruction available in San Diego.

Email me on the contact page for more information. Let's talk about how I can really help you improve your guitar playing!

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