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    Played in bands from 13 years old (clubs, casuals) to about 20 (Toured Canada club circuit 6 night a week) Then play union gigs locally but got busy starting my company. Got too busy for a few decades then started to play again. I have a lot of equipment. Electric guitars, bass, amps and so on. Drum set and Keyboards but I am a hack on those, not a player. Used to teach guitar in a music store in highschool. Took lessons from a good jazz player who also run me through some classical books as well. I want to get some direction and exercises to get some chops back. Ideas for both Acoustic and Electric. Pretty much been just playing my acoustic and singing for my own entertainment. Have musician buddies who want to jam and put something together but I need to get back to some of my former skill level.
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    Guitar, Bass
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